Institute Management Committee (IMC)

Sr.No Name Designation Additional Detail
1 Shri. S. K. Jain Chairman of the IMC CE.G, GSECL, UKAI
2 Shri. M. S. Patel Secretary of the IMC PRINCIPAL of ITI, Uchchhal

Members nominated By Industry Partner

Sr.No Name Designation Additional Detail
1 Shri K.K. Contractor Member 1 S.E. (Hydro) GSECL, Ukai
2 Mrs. A.K. Chaudhari Member 2 E.E (Tech) GSECL
3 Shri A. G. Gamit Member 3 E.E (Tech) GSECL
4 Shri V.V. Patel Member 4 D.E (Civil)GSECL

Members nominated By State Govt.

Sr.No Name Designation Additional Detail
1 Shri T. R. Patel Member 1 Dist Emp. Officer.  Songadh
2 Shri V. N. Chaudhari Member 2 Nodal ITI Principal (Vyara)
3 Shri A. A. Gamit Member 3 Supervisor instructor,ITI Uchchhal
4 Shri Ajit Gamit Member 4 Trainee, ITI Uchchhal

In accordance with the policy of promoting Public-Private-Partnership, Institute Management Committees (IMC) is constituted in ITI.
The Chairman of the IMC is from private industry and other members are from private industries - who are taking keen interest in the training of the students.
Significant autonomy has been given to the Institute Management Committee including their role in selection of trainees, purchase of tools-equipments, machinery, furniture, raw material, enhancing technical skills of teaching staff, arranging workshops, seminars and exhibitions and revamping the syllabus. The members of the IMC as well as the local industries are playing a significant role in running the ITI.

Scheme "Upgradation of 1396 Government ITIs through Public Private Partnership"

The scheme of "Upgradation of 1396 Govt. ITIs through Public Private Partnership" was launched in 2007-08 with a total outlay of Rs. 3,550 crore to improve the employment outcome of graduates from the vocational training system, by making design and delivery of training more demand responsive. By the end of the 11th Five Year Plan, a total of 1227 Government ITIs were covered and a fund of Rs. 3067.50 Crore was released. The release of fund under this scheme has come to end by March, 2012.

Salient features of the scheme:
  • An Institute Management Committee (IMC) is constituted for each selected ITI. The IMC is converted by the State Government into a Society under relevant Societies Registration Act. The IMC registered as a society is entrusted with the responsibility of managing the affairs of the ITI under the scheme.
  • Interest free loan of upto Rs. 2.5 cr. is given by the Central Government directly to the IMC Society on the basis of Institute Development Plan (IDP) prepared by the IMC, and financial and academic autonomy is given to the IMC society.
  • The interest free loan is repayable by the IMC with a moratorium of 10 years and thereafter in equal annual installments over a period of 20 years.
  • A memorandum of Agreement is signed among the Central Government, the State Government, the state government and the Industry Partner defining the roles and responsibilities of all the parties.
Composition of IMC:
The IMC is led by the Industry Partner. In the IMC, the members are as follows:
  • Industry Partner or its representative as Chairperson.
  • Four other members from local Industry to be nominated by the Industry Partner in such a way that the IMC is broad based.
  • Five members nominated by the State Govt. [ i) District Employment Officer, ii) One representative of the State Directorate dealing with ITIs, iii) One expert from local academic circles, iv) One senior faculty member, v) One representative of the trainees].
  • Principal of the ITI, as ex-officio member secretary of the IMC Society.